Ted believes in calling to the Level of the floor.  “ If they are standing there looking at you they are not having any Fun!”   Fun is what dancing is all about.

Ted Clements began taking square dance lessons at his  late wifes, Lois, suggestion.  At the end of the lessons he told the caller that he would like to call too.  He was told that the best way to learn to do that was to find 4 couples that wanted to learn to square dance and teach them.   Doing that he would learn how to call along the way, that was in 1973. 

He has been calling all over southern New Mexico and beyond ever since.  He loves teaching square dancing  and bringing new people into a hobby time he loves .  The more fun the dancers have the more fun he has calling a dance.

Ted is a member of Caller Lab, NM Square Dance Callers Assoc. and  Texas State Caller Assoc.


Ted currently calls for 2 clubs in Las Cruces, and a club in El Paso,TX..   He has called at the National Square Dance Convention several times and for clubs across the US. 

Ted and  Lois, were elected to the NM Square Dance Hall of Fame in 2006.

When Ted isn’t calling square dancing he works  at a USDA Research Ranch, doing everything that ranchers do.  He rode in the Lincoln County Pony Express Race many times and holds the record for the most wins and fastest time.  Ted also is a team roper, both heads and heels, and still has horses and steers to work.

He truly is a cowboy who calls square dancing.


Ted also teaches lessons beginning every fall.   All are invited to come and try Modern Square Dancing.  The first 2 lessons are free.